About us

Noida Catholic Yuva Sangh (NCYS) is the vibrant and enthusiastic youth group of St. Mary’s Church, Noida. It was founded by Fr. Johnson Chiryankandath on May 10, 1990 with a small group of ten members. Many dynamic members of the church community were once a part of the NCYS. Over the years, the NCYS has grown and has remained focused on its mission and has been a platform for the youth of the church to get together and grow in faith.

Mission Statement

  • Active participation in the church activities
  • Providing a platform for the youth to develop their talents
  • Aid the empowerment of the poor and less fortunate
  • Cultivate a strong bond of brotherhood amongst the youth
  • Help each and every one of its young members grow in faith.


The group is well organized and annually elects its executive committee which leads the members in a series of activities throughout the year. Guidance is given by the youth director and the animator. There is a monthly meeting at which the welfare of the group and the parish activities are viewed, shared and executed. Each of these meetings begins and ends with a prayer for guidance and thanksgiving for blessings received. Youth who have completed class X, and are below the age of thirty and who are parishioners of St. Mary’s Church, Noida are eligible to be members of the NCYS.


Faith filled youth rooted in the gospel of Christ to establish the kingdom of God