Expressions: The Annual Painting Competition

As part of the celebrations for the Church Feast Day, which is also our Independence Day, the NCYS organizes “Expressions” the Annual Painting Competition for children of schools, in and around Noida. Every year students participate in encouraging numbers. The prize distribution takes place at the Church where the prize winners and their families are invited for the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Annual Blood Donation Camp

The NCYS organizes a Blood Donation Camp on Good Friday every year with the support of an authorized group. Since its inception generous donors have come in great numbers and contributed their bit towards saving lives by donating blood.

Youth Events

The NCYS actively participates in youth events, congressed and conferences at the Parish, Deanery, Diocesan, Regional, National and International Level

Services to the Church

The NCYS members are very active in church activities helping with cleaning and decorating the church for days of feasts and celebrations.

Services to the Community

  • Outreach programmes
  • Pilgrimages
  • Monetary and other support to charitable organizations and educational institutions

Celebrating the spirit of Christmas

The NCYS joins the Christmas festivities by putting up stalls for greeting cards and Christmas decorations. There is also a house to house carol singing organized and participate in carol singing competition.

Musical Night

The NCYS has organized Musical Night – an event for the youth to showcase their musical talent.

The Feast of St. Don Bosco

The NCYS celebrates the feast of St. Don Bosco every year. A one day programme is organized for the youth on this day