22nd Annual Painting Competition


1. 22nd Annual Painting Competition – EXPRESSIONS’17 organized by Noida Catholic Yuva Sangh, will be held on Sunday 6th August, 2017 from 11am to 01pm at Assisi Convent School, A-43, Sector- 33, Noida.

2. Topics are given below –

1 I-II Sea World
2 III-IV Comicon
3 V-VI My Idea of Beauty
4 VII-VIII If Today was Magical
5 IX-X My World of Phobias
6 XI-XII India
7 Anyone above Class 12 Topic will be given on the Spot

3. Group 1-6 can register in their schools or they can register on the spot that is on the D-day.
Reg. fees in School – RS.100
Reg. Fees on the spot – RS. 150

4. Group 7 Reg. Fees is 300

5. Participants will be provided with Drawing sheets, Refreshments and Participation Certificate.Also, Group 7 will be provided with ivory sheets (19″* 25″).
Paints, Brushes, Pallets and Drawing Boards to be brought by the participants

6. Exciting Prizes for the winners in group 1-6.
Cash Prizes for the winners in group 7

7. Refreshments will be provided to all participants.

8. Certificate of participation will be issued to all participants.

Note:- Do not contact the venue for any details.

For more information contact:-

Mr Jobby John:- 9560720101

Terms and Conditions :

1. The paintings of the participants are the sole property of Noida Catholic Yuva Sangh – NCYS.

2. The participants of Group 1 and 2 are exempted from the use of water colours or paints.